Real Estate Phase 1 Environmental Assessments

Real Estate Phase Environmental Inspections

For full environmental inspections, turn to Environmental Concerns  We offer detail-oriented services that includes a 40 year History of the site.

Real Estate Phase One: Environmental Inspections

Have your property comprehensively checked with an environmental inspection from our experts. We'll check the current and historical environmental conditions of a property as determined by the EPA/ASTM Standard E 1527-13, as well as federal state and county requirements. Our professionals will do this prior to sale, transfer, or re-financing.

Inspection Checklist & Duties:

  • Federal & State Regulatory Records History & Data
  • Site Interviews with Knowledgeable Personnel
  • Gas Station Current & Historical Data, Identify Fuel Storage Tanks.
  • Wetland & Floodplain Data, FEMA Maping Data.
  • Oil & Water Well Data and Current Condition
  • Landfill Data and History, Evaluation of Risk to Target Site.
  • Dry Cleaner Identification and Historical Environmental Data
  • Geo Tech Data,Soil type,Water Flow, Contaminated Plumes
  • Suspect Surface Contamination
  • Photographs (Current & Historical of the Site)
  • Locations of Potential Vapor Intrusion in to the Building Structure
  • Inventory of Hazardous Chemical Containers
  • Chemical Spill Identification,History
  • Research Distance of one Mile Radius of Site.

Getting a Quote

Receive a free fast and quick quote when you inquire about our services. The quote will contain the cost and time of the completion schedule for your phase one environmental assessment. We are available seven days a week, so get your quote today!
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