About Us

Founded in 1988, Environmental Concerns has been providing thorough and comprehensive real estate environmental impact assessment services and building inspection on a wide variety of properties. Our company is a nationally recognized environmental management and property inspection service organization, with a professional staff with more than 40 years of experience.

Environmental Concerns is a National provider built upon Integrity to solve real and potential problems and enjoy peace of mind in the transaction of business and make informed decisions that minimize financial risks and identify obstacles before they become barriers to the transaction of property transfer.

Accomplished Certifications:

CEA: Certified Environmental Assessor. Professional Environmental Impact Inspector.

AHERA / EPA: Project Designer / Building Inspector / Asbestos - Lead Inspector /  Project Manager / Instructor

ASHRAE: CRCM, Certified Refrigeration, HVAC, & Compliance Manager (Proctor) http://ashrae.org

NIOSH: 582E, Phase Contract Microscopy & Polarized Light Microscopy (Analysis of Asbestos Composition Materials & Dust) www.cdc.gov/niosh

DOE:    Radiological Certification; Radiological Worker 11: Radon & Uranium www.energy/.gov

ASTM / EPA: E 1527, Environmental Site Assessments, Phase One Inspections, E 2018 Property Condition Assessments www.astm.org

Environmental Concerns Links:

EPA: Environmental Protection Agency. www.epa.gov.

ASTM: American Society Testing Materials. www.astm.org.

MBAA: Mortgage Bankers Association. www.mbaa.org/

OCC: Commercial Real Estate Lending.www.occ.gov./

ASHRAE: The American Society Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Engineers http://ashrae.org

NIOSH: National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health www.cdc.gov/niosh

JACAM: Manufacturing Chemicals for Oil & Gas Industry http://www.jacam.com