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Environmental Concerns offers comprehensive environmental assessment services, Real Estate Phase One Inspections, Property Condition Assessment Reports, Real Estate Environmental Due Diligence and Environmental Inspections throughout the USA. Having been in business for more than 20 years, our experts are highly experienced with the commercial and industrial real estate industry. Contact us for your pre-purchase, "free proposal".
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Who We Are
Real Estate Phase One Environmental Inspections are performed to meet the standards of EPA/ASTM E 1527-13, and 1031 Exchange IRS Code, Environmental Due Diligence Reports., State and County requirements. www.astm.org
Real Estate Phase 1 Environmental Inspections
Property Condition Assessments: ASTM 2018 Standard Practice, 1031 Exchange IRS code and Physical Condition Reports. We identify and communicate conspicuous physical deficiencies and material deferred maintenance of a properties systems, components, or equipment. How the condition may effect the soundness of the financial decisions over time. Apartments, Shopping Centers, Commercial / Industrial Properties. www.astm.org
Property Condition Assessment Report

Oilfield Environmental Due Diligence

We offer services in conducting remediation on inactive oil and gas well properties such as improperly abandoned dry boreholes, well plugging, abandoned orphaned wells, Non-Compliant wells, seal and permanently take offline unproductive wells to prevent them from impacting the environment.
Oilfield Environmental Services, Well Abatement

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Environmental Due Diligence Services. All of USA.

Phase I-II-III Environmental Site Assessment.
1031 Exchange.
Cell Tower Environmental Due Diligence Service.
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